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More YUI and html5 fun

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Continuing on my YUI MVC experiment, I got to spend a bit of time last week playing with my prototype for Open Goal Tracker, and was blown away by the simplicity of two new html attributes: x-webkit-speech (just ‘speech’ when standardised) and contenteditable. Here’s a 2min video showing how I might use both of them in practise (in dire need of styling as usual):



Behind the scenes I’m still loving Yahoo User Interfaces application framework together with the unit-test api, which allow me to create tests like “creating the view should render stats for existing goals”.

Next week I hope to start implementing the server-sync and investigating integration with Ubuntu’s notification system. Once I’ve sorted out the application-cache and build/packaging etc. for both Ubuntu and Android, I want to do a initial dummy release and then start iterating the features that will make Open Goal Tracker actually useful for facilitating social-yet-individual learning, both within and without of classrooms.

You can play with the little open-goal-tracker prototype (I’ve only tried webkit so far) or run the tests yourself.


Written by Michael

November 29, 2011 at 11:16 am

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