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Open goal tracker with jquery-mobile

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I had a few hours recently to try updating my Open Goal Tracker javascript client prototype to use jQuery Mobile for the UI… and wow – it is so nice, as a developer with an idea, not having to think about certain UI issues (such as a touch interface, or just basic widget design). I can see now how ugly my previous play-prototype looked. Here’s a brief demo of the jQueryMobile version (sorry for the mumbling):


That’s using jQuery Mobile 1.01 for the UI and YUI 3.5.0PR2 for the MVC client-side framework, although I’m tempted to move over to backbone.js (which is what the YUI application framework is based on, it seems). Backbone.js has beautifully annotated source and a book – Developing backbone applications – which so far seems like very worthwhile reading material.

The prototype can be played with at


Written by Michael

February 13, 2012 at 2:56 pm